Goose for Pilots: Your Digital Co-Pilot

Benefits for Pilots

Close-up of a pilot’s cockpit during flight

Flying as pure and simple as it can get

Goose combines the safety of multi-crew flight with the freedom and contemplative solitude of a single pilot journey. The smart voice assistant can jump in whenever you need it – but will always stay in the background if you don’t.

View from a Cockpit out in the cloudy sky

A proven team

From the first flight on, Goose will get to know your flight habits and speech patterns. Whenever you are tired or stressed, Goose will realize and can offer support and guidance that is perfectly tailored to you personally.

An aircraft standing in a hangar

The first co-pilot who fits in your bag

Whatever aircraft you want to fly, Goose is always with you. Build as a portable stand-alone device, the smart voice assistant can be used in any plane or helicopter. No technical prerequisites, no tedious installation. It’s just plug & play. Literally like your headset.

Why Goose?

The most important features for pilots

Safety belt icon


Goose is your pilot monitoring. It keeps an eye on everything happening during the flight and gives you targeted support in critical situations.

Spirit of flight

Goose is smart and straightforward technology that comes with no-frills. Providing you with procedures and information just when you need them, simply operated by voice command, Goose gives you the freedom and ease of mind to engage fully with your flight and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Icon with big and small dots


No more searching for the right procedures in your manual, no more paper clutter to search through. All the information you need is just one voice command away.

An AI-based co-pilot, you think that's too cool to be true?

Then why not see for yourself? We are constantly looking for beta pilots to put our invention through its paces.

Close-up of an aircraft control panel being used during flight


What are the dimensions of Goose?

What is the Goose Beta Program?

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