We Shape the Future of Aviation

AeroSys makes single-pilot operations safer and more convenient than ever – with Goose, the world’s first certified digital co-pilot for general aviation. Experience the pure spirit of flight, while Goose always has your back.


  • Goose is an AI-based voice assistant,
  • the digital co-pilot is always by your side.
  • Goose will handle day-to-day flight routines,
  • support you with your custom procedures
  • and provide support in critical and abnormal situations.

Features: Our Basic 7

Goose is engineered by pilots for pilots. The technology is smart, easy-to-use and will support you from planning to debriefing.

1.Voice Assistant

No display, no switches, no distractions – Goose is 100 % voice-controlled and enables you to keep situational awareness at all times. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, natural language processing and its deep understanding of aviation phraseology, interacting with Goose is like talking to a human co-pilot.  

2.Support according to A-N-C

3.Designed for any Aircraft

4.Redundancy in the System

5.Custom Procedures

6.Automated Documentation

7.ATC repetition

Why Goose?

Benefits for pilots

At AeroSys, we believe: Every pilot needs a Goose to talk to. It allows you to relish the spirit of flight – and is there for you whenever you need it most.

Discover all benefits for pilots
Porträt eines Mannes mit Brille und Schnauzbart

With Goose, we don’t just change general aviation, we reinvent it.

Mirko Hahn

Want to become a Pioneer in Aviation?

Become a beta-pilot and take an active role in the development of Goose, the world’s first digital co-pilot. Join our beta-program and shape the future of aviation with us.

Goose Founders Edition

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