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AeroSys is developing Goose, the world's first certified digital co-pilot for commercial and general aviation. Goose is an AI-based, offline-capable voice assistant that lets you focus on what is really important: Aviation and Joy.

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Redefining Single-Pilot Journeys
Aviate Into The Future


AeroSys is a deep and high-tech startup based in Osnabrück, Germany. AeroSys has a growing team of aviators and innovators who are dedicated to change the understanding of single-pilot journeys. Founded in 2021, AeroSys has been awarded "[aviation] industry's most promising international startup" and 2nd "most innovative startup of 2021".


Keeping the spirit of aviation whilst bringing tomorrow's technology into today's cockpits in order to make aviation as safe as possible.


AeroSys aims to make single-pilot journeys at least as safe as a multi-crew flight and to replicate the pilot monitoring for all the operations where a second human pilot is not present.

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Goose -- Your Digital Co-Pilot

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Goose is an award-winning approach to bring additional safety into General Aviation cockpits. Goose's advanced artificial intelligence and algorithms enable you to have a multi-crew flight experience on your single-pilot flight.

Voice Assistant

No display needed - Goose is an advanced voice assistant system, and the interaction does not differ from interactions with a human co-pilot. The natural language processing and a deep understanding of aviation phraseology are the main parts that set Goose so far apart from other competitors in the market.


At AeroSys we believe that every pilot needs a Goose - a co-pilot and best friend in the cockpit who has your back when you need it the most. That is why Goose is designed as a portable system. Like a good co-pilot, Goose can be a pilot monitoring in any aircraft or helicopter you want to fly - if you are the pilot flying, Goose will be your pilot monitoring.


As a portable and personal system, Goose gets to know you over time. That means your individual speech patterns and routines are understood even better on every flight. That way, Goose detects any deviation from the norm and can assist in.

Stress & Fatigue Detection

Goose is able to detect emotional undertones and different reaction times. AeroSys' advanced algorithms can use this information to determine the stress and fatigue level. Goose uses this to adapt the workload according to the pilot's current needs.

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

Every feature of Goose belongs either to A, N or C. Depending on the situation and stress level the pilot and/or the aircraft are in, Goose always makes sure that pilot's actions are prioritized in the right order.

Redundancy in the System

As with all aviation solutions, we aim for robustness in Goose to provide a solution as safe as possible. In case of an intercom failure, headsets can be charged from internal batteries which come with Goose. We also have three different data sources to track live flight data in case one of the on-board systems fails or is absence. Both lead to the fact that Goose works completely on its own and does not have any prerequisites on the aircraft you fly. You can use Goose in any aircraft, from grandfather's Stearman to a business jet like a PC-24.

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To bring Goose to the market we are going to launch two Beta campaigns each with a very limited pilot pool. We are looking for pilots from Europe and the USA with different licenses and experiences. Sign up now and apply for one of the very few Betas. We will send you detailed information on the Beta-Program once you signed up. Also, we will provide additional information on the selection process. If you change your mind, you can unsubscribe and revoke the application at any time. View our privacy policy for more details.

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