I Am Goose, Your Digital Co-Pilot

Goose is made for aviators. Designed for those who strive for the limitless freedom of flight. Developed to bring an unprecedented level of safety and comfort to general aviation. Creating space for the most important aspect in aviation: the joy of flying the aircraft.

Revolutionizing Aviation:
With the World’s First Digital Co-Pilot

Goose is an AI-based voice assistant that brings the experience and the safety aspects of a multi-crew flight in single-pilot operations. Developed as a portable stand-alone device, Goose can be used in any aircraft or helicopter.

During the flight, Goose takes the role of the pilot monitoring and offers information, guidance and targeted support whenever needed. In addition, Goose collects detailed flight data that provides information about the pilot's actions and the corresponding flight behaviour of the aircraft to automatically fill out the flight log.

Discover Goose

100 % voice-controlled

No display, no paper – nothing that will draw your focus from flying.
The last thing you need is another instrument in your field of vision requiring your attention. That’s why we designed Goose as a voice assistant – keep the focus on the plane and just use your voice.

Talk to Goose like a human co-pilot.
Only a few people would understand expressions like “Zulu time”, “tree” or “niner”. Goose does. Trained to have a deep understanding of aviation phraseology, you can talk to Goose like a human co-pilot – directly via your headset.

All information is ready for you.
There are so many nitty-gritty details to keep in mind when flying an aircraft, and so much information you need during your flight. Goose has them ready for you. All of them. All you have to do is ask for it.

A young pilot with his headset on is flying a small aircraft

Active and reactive support

Designed for any aircraft

Redundancy in the system

Custom Procedures

Automated documentation

Who Profits from Goose

At AeroSys, we’re aviators. So we have designed Goose the way we imagine our perfect co-pilot to be. However, it’s not only pilots who benefit from our innovation, but also aircraft manufacturers and aircraft owners like flight schools or associations. And we don’t stop there. We believe anyone on the ground or in the air benefits from more safety in aviation.

Maybe one day we get a call from a pilot or some relatives saying “thank you AeroSys! Due to Goose I was able to land and saw my family again.”. That would be a clear Mission Accomplished! for us.

1.Main benefit for pilots

Spirit of flight
Intelligent voice control enables intuitive interaction and provides an enhanced experience of flight.

Continuous safety monitoring and active support in critical situations lower the pilot's stress level and enhance situational awareness.

All procedures and information are ready to access – just one voice command away. No more searching for the right piece of paper or clicking through your tablet.

2.Main benefit for manufacturers

3.Main benefits for aircraft owners

Do you want to Lead Innovation in aviation? Join the beta

You are an experienced pilot who wants to shape the future of aviation systems? Apply to become a beta pilot for AeroSys and help us to bring Goose to perfection.

A small airplane is standing on a field

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